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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m thinking about opening a new business? Can you help?

YES! We can handle a wide variety of projects; including specialty/gourmet food stores, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, catering facilities, hotels, institutions, and franchises… Just give us a call and let’s explore your interests.

2. Can you design and layout our kitchen?

YES! We do complete kitchen layout and design. After your initial contact we will develop a working drawing to the completed CAD design. This would reflect the equipment schedule, electrical and mechanical (plumbing) plans. Additional services include assistance with the Department of Health or Agriculture applications along with the receiving – delivery and set in place of your new equipment.

3. Tell me about Mettler-Toledo Scales?

We are the authorized distributor for Southeastern Michigan Since 1989. Mettler-Toledo specializes in weighing and networking printing scales, automatic meat wrapping and labeling equipment along with price computing scales. Call us for your specific application and we can provide the right solution for your unique store application including gourmet food markets, supermarkets, bakeries and delicatessens.

4. How long have we been in business?

Since 1996. As a second generation company, we charted a new path in order to offer expanded products and services to the increasing demands of our existing and prospective customers. All the while keeping up the foundation of integrity, communication and customer service that was instilled over 40 years ago.

5. What if I need replacement equipment?

If your equipment is worn, old or beyond repair; just let us know what your needs are. We carry replacement equipment from all major manufacturers.

6. Do you sell used equipment?

Yes. Only quality, pre-inspected equipment, call us for availability.

7. Who services the equipment?

All equipment that you purchase is supported/serviced by the local factory authorized service agencies. We provide the respective service agency contacts for each piece of equipment you purchase.

8. How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and other forms of secure payment. Terms and conditions will be project specific.